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As from IDEEL web site: "A limited company set up with a capital investment of 300k€, IDEEL was born out of the French national IEED (Institutes of Excellence for low-carbon energies) programme. The company’s mission is to develop innovative solutions that make industrial processes cleaner and more efficient as well as to transform industrial waste into marketable products or even new sources of energy."
The company has at its disposal a wide range of high-level competences including:

  • Multi-scale digital simulation
  • Industrial analysis
  • Environmental evaluation 
 The company is a major player in R&D with regards to the development and creation of new industrial technologies, including:
  • Bioenergy: Methane and production of other gases
  • Biosourced chemistry
  • Capture and processing of CO2
  • Heat conversion/Energy integration
  • Value creation from CO2
  • Biomaterials
  • Recycling: turning waste into commercially viable commodities

IDEEL has been financed to the tune of 30m€ over six years."


IDEEL homepage: 
Ideel HD






Among the different numerical tools that the Numerical Simulation Department of IDEEL will use to build up a multi-scale analysis of Chemical Engineering processes, PeliGRIFF has been selected to perform numerical simulations at the micro and meso scales. Such simulations will contribute to enhance our comprehension of intricate momentum and heat transfer in particulate flows in cases where classical macro-scale Euler/Euler simulations fail to predict the flow dynamics. This represents also an opportunity to transfer this type of technology (micro-scale simulations, high performance computing, application-tailored numerical tools) to the industry and convince industrial players that such costly and sophisticated simulations are nowadays necessary and useful to go one step further and gain these tremendously desired energy efficiency per cents that would render the process industry much cleaner. In fact, a few per cent less energy consumption of a process at the level of the planet translates into massive energy cost reductions. The other crucial objective is the design of new green or bio-compatible processes and one step towards this new type of processes is the understanding and control of their dynamics.

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