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IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a public-sector research, innovation and training center active in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. Its mission is to provide public players and industry with efficient, economical, clean and sustainable technologies to take up the challenges facing society in terms of climate change, energy diversification and water resource management.


Representing over 50 professions, from geological engineers to powertrain engineers, IFPEN employees form a unique body of globally recognized scientific specialists and an unparalleled network of expertise, with access to an extremely high-quality technical environment, in terms of both facilities and testing resources.


IFPEN participation in TRENERGY will reflect this diversity, as several departments will contribute with their know-how.



ALSTOM Transport


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ENOGIA is a start up created in 2009 by four engineers, awarded with the « Jeune Entreprise Innovante » status in 2011, which goal is to design, produce and sell small ORC power generators in the 5 to 25 kW power range for waste heat recovery and renewable energy production. ENOGIA won at the beginning of 2011 an OSEO/Ile de France grant for developing its ORC products. The main technical focuses of ENOGIA’s development work is to improve the efficiency of the ORC loops at all loads, while reducing the owning cost at the same time. To this end, ENOGIA has designed high-speed turbine expanders in the 5 to 10kW range, which are more efficient and reliable than the volumetric expanders used by some of its competitors. ENOGIA is also working on new working fluids and control strategies for its products, which are developed by ENOGIA’s engineers in ENOGIA’s St Nazaire (30200) laboratory in southern France.


ENOGIA background in very small high speed turbines, as well as the previous collaborations with ARTS ET MÉTIERS PARISTECH Dynfluid Laboratory on internal fluid flow calculation, will be key features in its ability to develop the expander of this project.





The DynFluid Laboratory has 22 permanent members, 5 contract researchers and 30 PhD students. The permanent staff includes 5 Full Professors and 12 Assistant Professors. Research conducted in the Laboratory covers most of Fluid Mechanics including compressible flows with simple or complex thermodynamics, aerodynamics in subsonic, transonic and supersonic regime, single and two-phase flows in rotating machineries, cavitation phenomena as well as aeroacoustics and flow instabilities. DynFluid is an expert in the field of high-performance numerical simulation and has a number of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic testing benches. The research work applies primarily to the aeronautics and aerospace industry, the automobile industry and the energy industry. Considerable research efforts are made to minimize energy consumption, including the study of systems which use renewable energy sources and through attempts to reduce aerodynamic sound nuisance. DynFluid is the project leader of the technological open working space CONFLUENCE (design of fluid systems, energetics and energy conversion).

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